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Hello, I am David Kyle, and I am an SEO in Charleston SC. I have been an active Internet user since 1995, started doing internet marketing full time in 2001, and started consulting on SEO in 2004. . I offer a no-nonsense approach to SEO, and I am 100% transparent with my clients in regards to strategies and processes. I will never answer you with "that's a secret" or "it's proprietary." I also will not accept or solicit business from any of my clients' competitors. I believe that if you are serious about your search engine optimization efforts, you must have a unique strategy that your competition cannot buy into.

This page is just a place holder for my new site which is currently in development. The SEO options in Charleston look pretty weak, so I thought I would go ahead and set this up to see how easy it would be to rank for the search query "Charleston SEO" and other related permutations.

SEO is just one of the services we offer at Carolina Digital. If you are considering SEO without having done PPC first, you should reconsider. The data from PPC campaigns provides the best keyword research because it is real and also relevant to the area/demographic you are targteting. You may be thinking, "I want free traffic, I don't want to pay per click." That is a common reply I get when I suggest PPC to people calling about SEO. Let me illustrate why it's not a valid argument. In Google Analytics, you can drill down a metric called "Earnings Per Click" aka EPC if you are an ecommerce site and track sales data. An ecommerce client of mine had an EPC of $6.74 from SEO traffic, while PPC traffic produced an EPC of $11.35. The average cost per click, aka CPC, was only 67 cents. I'll let you do that math on that.

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